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Turntable Stand

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Beautiful Medium Brown Turntable Stand: Carefully made to enhance your vinyl experience through the perfect union of form and function. This stand provides storage and style for your prized collection, with each shelf thoughtfully constructed to store about 60 vinyl records.

Turntable Stand with a beautiful medium brown stain
Each shelf holds approximately 60 vinyl records
Comes fully assembled
Handmade in the USA

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Function & Beauty

Our turntable stands are designed with precision and provide a chic way to access and display your record collection. Its graded shelves make it simple to see and access your records, resulting in a rich environment that combines functionality with beauty.

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Country Meets Luxury

This stand turns into a haven for your love of music and appreciation of the arts, whether you're flipping through records or displaying album art.

The Classic Showdown

Enjoy the pleasure of simple accessibility, aesthetic selection, and a presentation that captures the core of your musical preferences.

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